TIBCO Designer—Designtime Activities

Many TIBCO products use TIBCO Designer as their design-time interface. TIBCO Designer hosts palettes for many different purposes. It also organizes project resources and makes the organization visible in graphical and folder-based ways. At design time, BusinessEvents makes use of some resources available in TIBCO BusinessWorks, such as the XML mapper. (BusinessWorks, licensed for use during BusinessEvents development only, is bundled with BusinessEvents software.)
Designtime Activities

BusinessEvents Workbench Palette
The BusinessEvents Workbench palette integrates with TIBCO Designer and is used at design time. Design time activities performed using the resources in this palette include building an ontology—a set of concepts, scorecards and events that represent the objects and activities in your business—and building rules that are triggered when instances of ontology objects that fulfill certain criteria arrive in events. The output of the design-time activities is an enterprise archive (EAR) file, ready to deploy (or configure for deployment as needed).
State Modeler
The Enterprise Suite of TIBCO BusinessEvents includes a state machine component. It allows you to model states of ontology concept instances and use those states in rules.
TIBCO Administrator-Deploy and Runtime Activities
TIBCO Administrator provides administrative access to BusinessEvents servers. You can use it to perform deploytime configuration, deploy EAR files, and manage the deployed servers. You can also perform many of these tasks at the command line.
BusinessEvents Server (Engine)-Runtime Activities
At runtime, the BusinessEvents engine processes the incoming events using a Rete network as the inferencing engine, and a set of rules that are triggered by conditions in incoming events.
A BusinessEvents server (more commonly referred to as an engine, because it normally does the work of an engine) can be deployed in different modes, to achieve fault tolerance and object management objectives. For example, a server can be used for cache storage only.

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