What is Complex Event Processing?

Complex Event Processing (CEP) software combines data information from distributed systems in real time and employ rules to separate patterns and movements that would get ignored. This provides companies the capability to recognize and predict chances represented by apparently distinct events.

Complex Events Processing in Tibco BE

CEP is a methodology in which inward arriving data about what is occurring (event data) is refined more or less as it comes to produce higher-level, more-useful, summary information (complex events). Event processing platforms have integral potential for refining incoming data, accumulates windows of event data, computing aggregates and identifying patterns. In general terms, CEP software is any computer program that can create, interpret, reject or execute computation on complex events. A complex event is an concept of one or more base (input) events. Complex events may indicate threats or opportunities that need a response from the business. One complex event may be the answer of calculations performed on a some or on millions of base events from one or more event sources.
CEP usage is mounting swiftly because CEP, in a technical sense, is the only manner to get information from event streams in real-time or near-real time. The system has to refine the event data more or less as it comes so that the suitable action can be taken rapidly. The subsystems like Tibco BE , Tibco Stream Base are common function development and runtime tools that are used by developers to build custom, event-processing applications without having to re-apply the core algorithms for managing event streams. However, these subsystems are only one of numerous ways to get CEP functionality, and in fact, most applications that employ CEP logic don’t use these subsystems. Below image is the pictorial representation of CEP.

Complex Event management

With CEP, businesses can map distinct events to predictable outcomes and relate series of events to key performance indicators (KPIs). CEP gives businesses imminent into which events will have the maximum operational impact so they can concentrate  their resources to grab opportunities and lessen risks.
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